Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Someone Somewhere Somehow Wrote A Great Reflection on Social Media vs Education

To all the people whom I do not know & all the people who do not know me,

(I am referring to the outrage incident on a teacher who had lost her temper in the meeting room of a secondary school in Kulim, Kedah. The following text represents her in my own perspective as contrast to the Internet’s perspective.)

I am a medical student aspiring to be a doctor someday. Before this, I was a student like everyone else, what makes me different is I was fortunate enough to be a student of this wonderful teacher that I still remember dearly today. A kind, hardworking, committed teacher who has brought up this aspiring youngster, perhaps many more.

However, it breaks my heart to learn that people won’t remember her the same way as I do from now on.

I was in Form 5 when she first came in our class, English class to be exact. Her reputation preceded her. Rumours about her wrongdoings due to her mental condition, speculations about our English class going from worse to worst had long reached our ears way before she could step foot in our class. Her voice had lost to rumours in the race of speed. Before she could speak for herself, rumours had already spoken for her.

She walked in, she smiled, not knowing that we already disliked her by default. She held the chalk, she introduced herself, not knowing that we already knew her name a long time ago. Her introduction was like every other teacher, yet she had one of the friendliest smile I have ever seen. Her English is top notch. Writing wise, eloquent, crisp, professional. Speaking wise, articulate, fluent, confident. Her vast pool of vocabulary and organic use of bombastic words left us awed. Her first lesson alone had purged all the infamous stories I had heard about her, and all that was left was a strong urge to learn more of the English language, and less of what she was “well known” for.

I had many good teachers as a student, but she was one of a kind. Every essay questions she assigned to the students, she ensured that she wrote the same essay herself, before collecting 40 copies of essays from students to mark them. The level of details in her marking was astounding. Some students were weak in sentence structures, she corrected every single one of them by writing a new one on top. Our essays were always lines of blue sandwiched between lines of red. To be frank it hurt our eyes looking at our essays being brutally splurged with red ink, but somehow it warmed my heart, especially when I read the comments she carefully wrote in the bottom. Rather than a typical “well done”, “good job” or “very good”, she never failed to write us a paragraph of feedbacks and words of encouragement.

I never understood how she was willing to spend so much time on each and every exercise book, it doesn’t make sense to me, unless she doesn’t see it as time wasting in the first place. A passion of hers? Maybe nothing noble like that, perhaps she only sees her work as a responsibility she couldn’t shed as long as there are students who want to learn English in Malaysia.

Rumour’s words sparked fear among us, rumour’s words made us forgot that she is a human being with words of her own, rumour’s words didn’t let her make her own introduction. Rumours told us who she is from “what I have heard” but not who she is as a person. Rumours made us felt like we knew so much about this teacher, but we were yet to realise how little we actually know about her. We later regret for believing rumour’s false accusation, when rumour itself shows no remorse.

Looking back, it has been 4 years since I was in Form 5. After all these years, her rumours don’t seem to cease, her reputation precedes her once again, but this time in a much larger scale, from a group of 40 students to millions of strangers on the Internet. Rumours speak for her once again. She is reduced to nothing but a video in the eyes of the Internet. The number of views, shares and comments will be open to the eyes of the Internet, but her contribution, kindness and dedication are left unknown.

I have seen many teachers losing their temper in class, and trust me, the worst tantrum I have seen was never from a teacher with mental disorder. Mentally fit teachers lose their temper too. As students we are aware that they are under a colossal amount of stress, but we will never truly understand how much they must have been through as an educator. We felt helpless at times. In class we prayed for the temper to subside as soon as possible. Now that I am a young adult, I regretted for not stepping up. I regretted for not telling them: “we understand that teachers have emotions too, but we still respect you as a great teacher.”

A lot of times when people around us are distressed, we attribute them to stress, we blame them for lacking of emotional control. We choose to step aside rather than stepping up. We believe in the people in distress more than ourselves when it comes to helping people in distress. We chose to give up every opportunity to show empathy and kindness, until the day we truly needed empathy and kindness more than anything else, but when none were received, we blame God for sending us into a cruel world.

I am not here to place blame on anyone, nor am I here to talk about the education system, school’s administration or mental disorder. I am here to share my respect towards her dedication for Malaysia’s education throughout her entire life, which should not be dismissed in any way by a 3 minutes video.

Rumours don’t build reputation, respect does.

Today, the internet has won a viral video, a teacher has lost her reputation. We entertain ourselves by judging behind the digital screen, while our children risk losing a wonderful human being as their teacher.

It frightens me, that this is a price we are willing to pay for a video to go viral.

(Excerpt from a forwarded message)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lessons Learnt from Ankle Injury 2015

Lessons from left foot discomfort,
lots of love, care and comfort.

My flesh may fail, but my heart is strengthened by God;
I may have to hobble to move, but my soul is serving good.

I still want to look cool because being alive isn't supposed to be uncool,
Life is short but colourful, it appears only once we've got to make it meaningful.

Now I can fit myself in other's shoes,
Empathize for those who have problems to shower head to toes.

Every little encouragement is appreciated,
Every second I can still contribute will not be wasted.

Thank you, and thank God (^_^)

Thursday, February 21, 2013




其实一开始真的很难接受爸爸已经走了的事实。昨早凌晨一时赶到医院时,看着医生说的那一段经典的对白,感觉一点都不真实。带着沉重的脚步一步步的走向病房,听着姐姐们的痛哭,看到爸爸就像平常那样躺在病床上。不同的是,无论我怎样的呼叫爸爸,爸爸,爸爸  爸爸都没有回答。可我还等着奇迹的发生。








昨晚钟传道说到再见永别,这给了我们一家很大的安慰。我的大儿子Matthew问到,爷爷做什么?我告诉他:爷爷is sleepinghe’ll wake up in heaven, we’re going to see him again. So, shh... Let him rest.”因为知道爸爸去了哪里,也知道我们将和他再会所以我们才得到安慰。现在我最大的愿望和祈求就是妈妈也愿意把她的生命交给耶稣和上帝。




Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Win Is To Have The Heart

One thing the Dallas Mavericks team in the NBA and our tiny Serdang Baru 1 Primary School Basketball team have in common is that - we want to, and we need to prove ourselves.

We've been the underdogs for a long period or, most of the time. Although we've been producing some quality players and picked up some medals collectively as a team along the way in the district competitions, but not the gold yet for our U-12 team, be it boys or girls (We surprised a lot of people to came out as the U-10 Girls Champion last year, but that's not heavy enough).

As for the Mavs, they have:
Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry - Who lost to the Miami Heat in 2006 Finals when up with 2-0.
Jason Kidd - Appeared twice in the Finals but lost both to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002 and San Antonio Spurs in 2003, respectively.
Shawn Marion - Been to the Western Conference Finals with the Phoenix Suns but never got through.
Peja Stojakovic - Similar experience as the Matrix while wearing the Sacramento Kings jersey.
Deshawn Stevenson - Called himself the Lebron Stopper when facing the King who was still a Cavs back then but never really lived up to that name.
Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea, Brian Cardinal and Ian Mahinmi - All were doubted even to be legitimate NBA players.
Some more, the now injured Brendan Haywood and unwanted free agent Corey Brewer. Which means the WHOLE team.

When I say the whole team, that's including their head coach, Rick Carlisle, who built the foundation for the 2004 Champions, the Detroit Pistons but was fired prior to that championship year.

With so much heart-breakings, tears, sweat and blood shed like them, I have no choice but to fall in love with this beautiful Dallas team. They've been playing their heart out throughout the course of this playoff. They carried each other's back, hustled the whole game, shared the ball and always looked for the best chance to score. Most amazingly, they never gave up.

That's where all the great comebacks they've succeeded in every round came from, including the one, game 2 of the Finals which made me cry at the end of it because they didn't give up to fight even with a 15-point deficit in the last 5 minutes.

That's what basketball is all about, it's about effort. It's about who wants to win the most. It's about being a TEAM to do it together.

Now, with the Mavs up 3-2, just one more win away to crown themselves as the NBA champions of 2011, their time is NOW.
Go Mavs!!!!!!!!!!

ps. We're going to have 30 over new boys and more than 30 new girls joining our school team next Monday. It's a new chapter in our school team history. In order not to lose, we will have to give our heart for every practice, to work really hard, the time is now. Go SB1!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaq-a-Claus delivers gifts

Adapted from :-)

by Anton Kudriavtsev/@TheDiesel

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even Jerry Krause.
The banners were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Sternbot soon would be there.

The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of max contracts danced in their heads.
Free agents and those wanting a trade
Begin dreaming of possibilities made.

When out on the court there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to half court they flew like a flash,
Tore open the floor to discover ‘Toine’s old stash.

They opened the box and like angels did sing
Money, some notes, and Artest’s pawned ring.
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, is that Bill Laimbeer?

The sled did shake and the players stepped back
They knew in a moment it must be St. Shaq!
More rapid than Rose escaping his SAT’s
He whistled, and shouted, and called them with glee!

“Now Amar’e! Now, Dirk! Now, Durant and Dwight!
On, Bron! On, Kobe! Don’t invite Chris Bosh and we’ll be alright.
To the top of the key! Quick like John Wall!
For we have much presents to deliver to all!”

For Rondo, as smooth as he is with the rock
For his form, I give him a brand new Shotloc.
Give Delonte the right number to dial
For KG, the blood of his enemies in a vial.

To Oden some thick pads for his knees
For Durant a protein shake – lift, brother please!
As Melo receives his double air miles
Tim Duncan opens his present with no smiles.

For Paul Pierce the full series of “Matlock”
For Jennings an upside down frown for when he’s blocked.
Blake Griffin, I deliver a new pogo stick
To mock your opponents, thine dunks be so sick!

For Joakim a new conditioner for the hair
For LeBron a hologram, to pretend a ring’s there.
Forget you Kobe? Never the gall
To you I give the best present of all:
Shock collars for all your teammates, no waste
Don’t pass you the ball? How do 120 volts taste?

We say “Merry Christmas” to one and to all
Except Turkoglu, to whom we simply say “ball”!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Funny Boy








后记:没有一份工作比当教师还要愉快(God knows),尤其当你处在一所"有教无类"的学府时。沙一什么都有。这里有很多特别(或特殊)的可爱学生,常让人哭笑不得,却也感触良多。上帝所造的生命每一个都真的很独特。



Friday, September 25, 2009

R.I.P. to Yoshito Usui and Crayon Shin-chan クレヨンしんちゃん

It's been another sad news for me. Reading the news that Usui San went missing during hiking was like a history-is-repeated-again when the paper reported Yasmin's in the coma.

Although I make no meaning to both of these great artists and entertainers, but they do mean quite a lot to me. Yoshito's comic was a great source of laughters and gateway to the Japanese culture and humor.

Expecting and buying his new volume has already been a part of my comic collecting ritual. And it'll stop at 49.

September 11, 2009. The Tragic Day. As it was.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

15 Malaysia

Malaysia is changing. Again. I would say. When things hit the the ground, they bounce. That's how it goes with the scenarios we have here in this beautiful land.

Our forefathers were once young and united when this country first gained its independence. Life was tough but the spirit was high. Then we had our growth, in terms of material, but our leaders overlooked the importance of unity, and underestimated the people of Malaysia. It was hitting the ground, so it bounced back, tsunami-style, 308.

Since then, voices are allowed, and heard. Again.

Now, nothing is hotter than the voices of New Malaysia - 15 Malaysia, the uniqueness only the true Malaysians can comprehend (to laugh about and ponder).

Link yourself and be a fan.